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The Memoirs of General William T. Sherman

Both volumes are now available for download in Microsoft Reader and Adobe eBook/ Acrobat PDF formats.

Verified and corrected; do not confuse this version with any other online or commercially sold versions.

A Hidden Knowledge exclusive, done by us with careful eyes and wild dreams.

If you've read an online version and wondered what on earth did they mean by that Union gunboat The Queen of the Pest...
wonder no more.

 Cover for Sherman's Memoirs, Volume One

Cover for Sherman's Memoirs, Volume Two

Maybe you're a civil war buff; or maybe you like reading history in the first person; or maybe you came here because you read Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's e-book In the Face of Death, and wanted to learn more about that surprising and enigmatic figure William T. Sherman. It doesn't matter why you came; you found this page and we will provide you these two books. Here's the story:

We wanted to read Sherman's own words, and found copies of his Memoirs on the web. But they were badly done, with hundreds of OCR errors (like the gunboat name above; substitute "West" for "Pest" and you'll have it). So we went back to the original books and corrected the electronic texts. While we were at it we went to the fourth edition for the second volume, so that we could include the chapters on Sherman's final years, the moving story of his funeral and the nation's farewells, and some (actually, pretty interesting) remarks about Sherman by family friend and well-known 19th-century politician James G. Blaine.

Available in Acrobat eBook Reader/PDF, and Microsoft Reader formats, for desktop, portable, and handheld computers compatible with these formats. The copies you buy directly from us are not copy protected (the ones we sell via Amazon etc. are, unfortunately); you may freely lend, copy, and pass on these books as long as you retain the copyright and credits pages. The PDF versions are set on 6"x9" nominal pages in 12 point Adobe Garamond with two points leading (aka 12/14). Volume One in PDF is 441 pages; Volume Two is 509 pages. Plenty of reading, plenty of history, low price.

We're sorry that there are no Palm Reader versions of these books yet, but we hope to have them later this summer.

Note: Several of the tables of military organization and the casualties of the various battles are too complex to reproduce well in e-books, and it was not feasible to re-typeset them. We have scanned them for good legibility at small image size, and they can be downloaded from our website. You'll find the tables for Volume 2 here. Table captions (below the thumbnails) are as listed in the text of Volume 2. (Volume 1's tables will be provided in the next release.)

Click here to go to our download site for both volumes.

     Price: $4.95 each volume.


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