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How do I install the e-book on my computer?

Well, it's easier done than said. You just put it on your computer wherever it is you want to keep it.

First you buy the book. You can use a credit card at our Storefront on the web, or by sending us a check or money order to our postal mail address. We also sell through major online retailers like Amazon and eBooks.com, and many smaller ones.

The web storefront takes your card information and gives you a "download" page where you can have the file come through the internet onto your computer. Once you've got it, you can move it to where you want it.

If you send us money in the mail, we'll e-mail your e-book file to you. Tell us what format you want.

If you buy the CD-ROM version, you can just read the book from the CD-ROM disk; you don't even have to copy it onto your computer. But you can put a copy on your computer if you want to; it's faster to open up and change pages if you do.

You read the HTML version of the book with your regular web browser. You read the PDF version using Adobe (aka Acrobat) Reader, free from Adobe [get the latest version]. You read the Microsoft Reader version with, well, Microsoft Reader, a free download from Microsoft. You install the Palm (.pdb) versions by using the Palm Desktop to pipe it into your Palm PDA (and similarly for Visors or Clié handhelds).

If you buy one of our e-books from a major storefront like Amazon or e-Books.com, there is a small amount of digital rights management (DRM) on the books that slightly restrict where you can move it and how you go about doing it. If you buy it directly from us, or eBookAd.com, or Fictionwise.com, or some of our other retail outlets, there are no limitations except the ones you agreed to when you bought the book.

What can I do with an e-book, once I've bought it?

Once you have installed the e-book file, you can make a copy of it for your other computer, print it out if you want to, and/or save a copy in an archive. [You can't make copies and send them to your friends! Read about your rights as the buyer. We depend on your good faith not to make pirate copies and spread them all over. This is a small operation, and we're not getting rich here; we're doing this because it's something that needs to be done, and it's fun, and we can do it. Help us keep it going.

Email us if you have any questions about buying or downloading.

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Installation info page updated 31 May 2005