Gardening in the Valley of Heart's Delight
May 1997

Cupani sweetpeaThe problem with doing a website on the exciting happenings of a garden is, well, lots of exciting stuff keeps happening. Like, "Oh, no! The seedlings are going to die unless I get them into the ground today." Or chain reactions, like "I need to plant the beans soon, but first I need to weed the area and dig in compost and finish setting up the irrigation system . . . and before I worry about planting seeds, I should mulch the roses and those new seedlings, and should get those other seedlings over there into the ground and mulched before they die, and tie up the gladiolas that are falling over, and pinch out suckers on the tomatoes, and plant the lily & dahlia bulbs I bought back in February, and move the houseplants out of the now excessively sunny sunroom, and . . . " Well, you get the picture.

So truth be told, I'm writing this in June, but these are all pictures I took in May in expectation of a more timely publication. The Cupani sweet peas pictured here have become seeds waiting to be planted next fall. These sweet peas by the way, were introduced in 1699 and are named for an Italian monk, Father Cupani, who first domesticated the wild Sicilian sweet peas. They are fabulously fragrant.

How are all of your gardens doing?

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