Gardening in the Valley of Heart's Delight
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
Part of the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens
Heritage Rose Garden If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, come visit the new San Jose Heritage Rose Garden. This incredible undertaking has over 5000 different roses! Can you believe these bushes are only three years old? The gardens are particularly spectacular in April and May when the once-a-year spring bloomers are putting on their show, but there's plenty to see nearly year round. Located on W. Taylor at Spring St., the garden is part of the larger Guadalupe River Park and Gardens project. Still under development are a heritage fruit orchard and the restoration of an historic Italian neighborhood.
Unfortunately, relatively few of those 5000 roses are labeled yet. To offset the cost of thousands of labels, plus to raise money for continued upkeep of the rose garden, the park board has an Adopt-A-Rose program allowing people to sponsor roses. A sponsored rose gets a permanent name tag plus a dedication message for a year. Call (408) 277-4744 ext. 355 for details. I've sponsored two already! Climbing rose
Karen next to a gorgeous but unlabelled climbing rose. Photos on this page by Mike.
I've included some panoramic shots of the gardens, also by Mike, on a separate page. There are three pictures, each 60-70K, so they may take a few minutes to download, but they're worth the wait.
There is now an official San Jose Heritage Rose Garden site, with lots of information. Do check it out.
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