Gardening in the Valley of Heart's Delight
July 1997
Anything that was going to die from lack of watering kicked off in June, so the plants still left in July are in for the long run. The hollyhocks are bursting into stately bloom. Curiously, they seem to like the rather shady end of the garden where needles from the deodora cedar fall on them instead of the full sun they are touted as prefering. But who am I to argue with them? Hollyhock Hollyhock
July is when the vegetable harvest really takes off. Tomatoes, peppers, and beans hit their stride and the conscientious gardener is out there harvesting everything regularly. The well-intentioned gardener doesn't get out quite as often but can still return with bowls full of goodies like the one pictured below.

Karen Schaffer (and, parenthetically, Mike Ward) (&

Bowl of produce

What happened in June?
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More produce!

Peppers and Corn
Unusual kinds, of course

Mike's Garden
An especially colorful patch

In a variety of colors and sizes

Miscellaneous bits
Flowers, poinsettias, and frogs

Yellow dahlia Dahlia
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