Gardening in the Valley of Heart's Delight
April, 1997View of garden

Welcome to our garden. Herein lies a tale of drama, suspense, joy, and tears, told with pictures and words. Rejoice with us as the poppies bloom. Grieve as the pansies die. Wait in suspense to learn the fate of the tomatoes. Experience the daily soap opera of garden (and I do mean soap — I squirt aphids with a mixture of water and dish soap) without getting your hands dirty (or soapy).

Well, ok, maybe not daily. If my ambitions don't outstrip my abilities, I plan to update the garden's progress at the rate of, oh, maybe once a month. Comments, questions, and feedback may encourage me to actually maintain this schedule (hint, hint).

Karen Schaffer & Mike Ward &
April 1997

Gypsy Beauty Irises

Who we are
Aren't you dying to know?

How this page came to be
Featuring The Figs

A true tale of graft
But hopefully not corruption

Little green tents invade the garden
Elvis Ate My Tomatoes!

Flowers, flowers everywhere
And even some to eat

Now is the winter of our content
Cool weather friends

Yellow Freesias
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