March is a nice time for the Bay Area. While we are technically still in the rainy season, there is a fairly good chance you'll see lovely, 60+ degree weather.

Even at its best, the weather is always cool at night (for California--by Eastern standards it's pretty warm). Bring a jacket or warm sweater and your umbrella (just in case). If you are likely to be out after dark, remember that the temperature is likely to drop 20 degrees after the sun sets.

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Information about Walnut Creek
clam shell The attractions of Walnut Creek
(A Sunday morning Farmer's Market!)
clam shell The weather in Walnut Creek
(well, in Concord, but that's close)
The Bay Area Restaurant Guide for Walnut Creek clam shell
The Walnut Creek Guide
Entertainment Pages
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Here is a map showing Walnut Creek in relationship to the rest of the bay area. Clicking on the map will take you to another site that will let you zoom in and out.

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