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Registration — Who Was Really There

A list in the process of being updated

A preceding '?' indicates someone I don't know or didn't meet, so don't know if they were present. If you know, let me know! (Yes, Alyson has a complete reg list but I thought I'd give her a few days respite before taxing her with such questions. I'm sure there are some at-the-door members who aren't listed below too.) Send additions/corrections to me at: webmaster .

Alyson L. Abramowitz
Harry Andruschak
Lenny Bailes
Allen Baum
Tom Becker
Judy Bemis
Greg Benford
Jim Benford
Tracy Benton
John Berry
Cindy Lee Berryhill
Bill Bodden
Alan Bostick
Sheila Bostick
Bill Bowers
Jeanne Bowman
Richard Brandt
David Bratman
rich brown
Elinor Busby
F.M Busby
Linda Bushyager
Ron Bushyager
Allyn Cadogan
David Clark
Cheryl Cline
Rich Coad
Grania Davis
Pam Davis
Steven Davis
Bill Donaho
Lise Eisenberg
?Gordon S. Eklund
Pat A. Ellington
Doug Faunt
Don Fitch
Terry Floyd
Ken Forman
Randolph Fritz
?Tammy Funk
George Flynn
David W. Gallaher
Seth Goldberg
Sarah Goodman
Edith Green
Robert Green
Jane Hawkins
Andy Hooper
Gary Hubbard
?Neila Hubbard
Kim Huett
Bill Humphries
Julie Humphries
Garry Hunneywell
Lucy Huntzinger
Arnie Katz
Joyce Katz
Jerry Kaufman
Jay Kinney
Hope Leibowitz
Robert Lichtman
Eric Lindsay
Frank Lunney
Michelle Lyons
Gary Mattingly
Linda McAllister
Rich McAllister
Brin-Marie McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
?Murray Moore (s)
Karl Mosgofian
Janice Murray
Debbie Notkin
Ulrika O'Brian
Lyn Paleo
Tony Parker
Spike Parsons
Patty Peters
Berni Phillips
D Potter
Boyd J. Raeburn
Dave Rike
Carrie Root
Alan Rosenthal
Vicki Rosenzweig
?Shirley Roth
Karen Schaffer
Vanessa Schnatmeier
Stu Shiffman
Ian Sorenson
Tom Springer
Steve Swartz
?John Sulak
Geri Sullivan
Michael Wallis
Mike Ward
Donya Hazard White
Ted White
Art Widner
Paul Williams
Alan Winston
Paid Members Who Weren't Able to Attend
Moshe Feder
Janice Gelb
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Neil Rest
Jeanette Sainten
Supporting Members
Karen Babich
Mike Glicksohn
Sarah Prince
Suzanne Tompkins
R-Laurraine Tutihasi
Pam Wells

Boring Registration Details, for posterity

Membership rates, which included the excellent Sunday brunch banquet, were:

Attending $45
Supporting $10

Attending children (which also included the banquet):

0-2 years free
3-7 years $16
8-12 years $25
Above 12 $45
(Children did not receive publications.)

Corflu 14 made a mailing list available to its attending members.

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