Catch the Corflu Wave
Corflu 14 March 13-17, 1997
Walnut Creek Marriott

At The Con!
Scenes from the convention. Updates are still being made to this section, so keep checking back.

In Memory of Seth Goldberg

clam shell What is Corflu? clam shell
clam shell It's Been a Hard Day's Night
Editorial by Alyson Abramowitz
Menage a Trinitite
Richard Brandt muses on Little Green Pebbles
clam shell In This Corner
Arnie Katz' modest proposal for improving fanzine fandom
clam shell Creativity, Corflu, & Business Systems Management
A reprinted article by Terry Floyd musing on the
organizing of Corflu 1, with a cliff-hanger ending
Registration clam shell Hotel
clam shell Programming clam shell
FAAn Awards clam shell Walnut Creek
Pre/Post-Con Trips clam shell
Fanthology clam shell Con Suite
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Helpers and supporters of the Corflu Wave from Bay Area fanzine fandom include: Alyson Abramowitz, Lenny Bailes, Allen Baum, Tom Becker, Jeanne Bowman, David Bratman, Allyn Cadogan, Pam Davis, Bill Donaho, Doug Faunt, Terry Floyd, Seth Goldberg, Robert Lichtman, Gary Mattingly, Linda McAllister, Rich McAllister, Debbie Notkin, Spike Parsons, Patty Peters, Bernie Phillips, Karen Schaffer, Mike Ward, Donya White, and Art Widner. Phwew!

Corflu is a committee of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a California non-profit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).

Stu Shiffman cartoon of Roscoe surfing

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