Catch the Corflu Wave


Fanthology '93 will be available at Corflu 14. This year's issue is edited by Robert Lichtman, with production assistance from Spike Parsons and Tom Becker. The Fanthology is an indispensable summation of a year's famous fannish moments in fanzine publishing.

Now you may be thinking, you're the kind of fan who comes to Corflu. So what do you need a Fanthology for when everyone sends you their zines anyway? Of course. But you have to agree a Fanthology is a lot more convenient than lugging around the dozen or more zines that went into it. And how can you argue about the editor's selections unless you get a copy?

Five dollars at Corflu, seven dollars US postage paid, five pounds in the UK, if we can get someone to mail the things from Hamilton. Check it out.

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