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FAAn Awards
--Janice Murray

For the third year in a row, the FAAn Awards (Fan Activity Achievement Awards, not the FAAA, please) will be awarded at the Corflu banquet. We hope this will establish the awards as a Corflu tradition.

There are three awards:

Best Fanzine
Best Fan Writer
Best Fan Artist

All fanzines that were generally available during the calendar year of 1996 are eligible. Due to the short period of time between the end of the eligibility window and Corflu, a run-off race will not be possible.

The deadline for me to receive your votes is February 28th. Not just postmarked, but received. Tabulation will be done on the weekend of March 1st, so votes received after the deadline will not be included. The paper ballot is not absolutely required for voting - electronic mail or a post card will suffice. The deadline is February 28th. Voting is open to all fans and is not limited to any geographical region. I heartily encourage fans from other than the North American continent to vote. Once. It is not necessary to be a Corflu member to vote. The deadline is February 28th. The votes must be accompanied by a valid address.

(Did we mention that the deadline is February 28th?)

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