Catch the Corflu Wave

It's Been A Hard Day's Night
--Alyson L. Abramowitz

As I write this Corflu is looming quite close. All the planning that's gone on for the past year is falling into place. We'll be maintaining the standard Corflu traditions (GoH from a hat, light programming, TAFF/DUFF/Corflu auction, etc. renewing some forgotten ones (publishing the membership address list), and adding some surprises (no, I'm not going to tell you what they are; you'll just have to come check them out).

Thanks to everyone who sent their condolences on my losses last year.

Last Wave also brought a response from Irwin Hirsh (borrowing his cousins Internet connection). He tells me that Terry Floyd's article was actually published in Sikander #10 rather than Larrikin. The article was published in about August, 1985. Thanks for the update and good to hear from you Irwin.

I'd like to thank everyone who has come together to help make this Corflu a success.

Editorial from the previous issue, Wave 1:

It's been a hard year for me, personally. As many of you know, in 1996 my mother went into the hospital and, subsequently the nursing home from hell, with instant dementia. The result was the need to take over payment of her (now significant--nursing homes are expensive) bills, learn nursing home and medical law, gain guardianship over her, and close down her home (3,000 miles from mine!).

If this wasn't enough, in late August, my father passed away. Fandom, and particularly some Corflu members, have been wonderfully supportive in a situation which brought out the worst in my family. Thanks need to go publicly to Shelley Rabinovitch and Michael Wallis for taking off from work with no notice and seeing me through the day to day organization around the funeral and its planning, and packing of my Dad's apartment.

I've never been so frazzled in my life. For example, I got into the hotel where Shelley and I were staying during the time leading up to my Dad's funeral and parked the rental car in the registration area. The next day I went outside to discover the car was pulled up next to the registration area. I had forgotten to formally park it at all.

After I locked my keys in the car later that night, Shelley just took over the driving. Moshe Feder came to the funeral and taught my family part of what they were supposed to do at one. He also organized a place afterwards where I could be with friends away from family members.

Lise Eisenberg provided moral support while Alan Rosenthal let me adopt his mom for the duration (she lives near where Dad lived). Fandom came through in so many ways and continues to support me through this process. Thanks to all of you who have and continue to be there for me.

As I write this, my mother has just died less than two weeks ago. I was placing the final touches on Wave when I received a phone call that my mother was failing. While it's traditional to pub Real Soon Now, I don't regret this particular delay.

Once again, fandom supported me in both a practical and emotional sense. From Moshe Feder putting me up at his house with no notice after an emergency call from the hospital got me on the next plane to NY. To Donya Hazard White providing chicken and deviled eggs on my return. And then making some more of the eggs when I exclaimed how I quite fancied the recipe.

So when our original Corflu hotel was sold, some of my attention was directed at other things. As you'll see from the hotel section, I think we now have a really good choice. The other aspects of Corflu are shaping up with all the normal traditions and a few new things I hope you'll enjoy.

We plan to run this Corflu in a similar vein to Corflu Vegas of a few years ago (sans wedding). Corflu will continue as a four day event. I encourage people to come in on Thursday. Our con suites will be open from late afternoon on Thursday through Monday. Outings will be in full swing all day Thursday and Monday.

Cooking is one of my hobbies so I hope to have some goodies for everyone in the con suite. I also encourage all you other cooks out there to bring some of your favorite food to share with us.

Please let me and all the other people helping to put on Corflu know your ideas and comments. If we haven't already talked to you about helping (there must be one or two of you out there . . .) please let us know if there is some special way you'd like to help.

Alyson Abramowitz may be reached at .

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