Catch the Corflu Wave

At The Con — The Banquet

Text and photos by Karen Schaffer.

Banquet buffet

The brunch banquet was delicious and plentiful, including cooked to order omelettes. It ranks easily among the best con banquets ever in my experience. There was even some salmon left at the end!

Alyson at banquet Alyson Abramowitz making some announcements. Andy accepting best fan writer award Andy Hooper accepts his Best Fan Writer award
Andy & Victor accepting best fanzine award Victor accepting best fanzine award
We're seeing a lot of these guys. Andy Hooper and Victor Gonzalez accept the awards to Apparachik for Best Fanzine while FAAn Award administrator Janice Murray looks on. Ian Gunn (not attending) was awarded Best Fan Artist
Victor giving guest of honor speech Victor delivered his Guest of Honor speech from his laptop. Ted White giving speech
Ted White conducted the voting for the past president of the FWA: Bill Rotsler won the honor for 1996 and Lee Hoffman for 1951, by popular acclamation
Corflu 1 committee The Corflu 1 committee reminisced, a bit surprised that Corflu was still happening 14 years later.
(l to r: Terry Floyd, Karl Mosgofian, Allyn Cadogan, and Lucy Huntzinger)

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