Catch the Corflu Wave

At The Con — Programming Pictures

Text and photos by Karen Schaffer.

Andy Hooper

Andy Hooper, auctioning the souvenir softball from last year's game

Jerry Kaufman

Jerry Kaufman, furiously auctioning off some fanzines

Jeanne Bowman and Jerry Kaufman

Jeanne Bowman is holding an Australian tea towel (see the kangaroos?) that Jerry is auctioning.

Fanotchka panel

Andy Hooper's play, Fanotchka, was well attended.

Fanotchka panel 1

(l to r) Bill Bodden, Victor Gonzalez, Paul Williams, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Jerry Kaufman
To Bill's left, visible on the first picture, are Lesley Reece and rich brown.

Fanotchka panel 2

(l to r) Jerry Kaufman, Richard Brandt, Andy Hooper, Tracy Benton

Fanotchka audience

The audience obviously enjoyed it. (Do we want to try naming everyone in this picture?)

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