Catch the Corflu Wave

At The Con — Corflu IRC Session Transcript
Sunday, March 16

CORFLU IRC Transcript -- Sunday, March 16

gfarber= Gary Farber
NigelKiwi= Nigel Rowe
ken-j= Ken Josenhans
MikeRW/mw= Michael Weholt
pnh= Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Marilee= Marilee Layman ("Patterner")
rwl= Richard Lynch
cnr= mundane irc newbie passing by
Pips= Jim Trash
Zorn= Mike Scott
alunh= Alun Harries
Plotka= Alison Scott
dromm= David Romm

CORFLU= Lenny Bailes
Art Widner
Alan Bostick
Richard Brandt
Ulrika O'Brien
Allyn Cadogan
Cindy Lee Berryhill
Vanessa Schnatmeir

[RBergeron] I'd like mushroom and pepperoni, please
[NigelKiwi] Ahh, would that be Pizza Hut pizza?
RBergeron changed nick name to gfarber
[ken-j] CORFLU: you're LATE!
[Zorn] Hello Corclue, what kept you?
[MikeRW] pnh-> no prob. I expect I'll be banned soon anyway.
[Marilee] Well, it depends on what you use AOL for. I wouldn't spend any time in the People Connection (although I did go there for a few minutes last week to see what the chat room ads looked like). On the other hand, in O*W*C, we have a nice chat room, board, library, and lots of links to fannish, publishing, and SF stuff.
[pips action] was that a Corflu passed by
[pnh] So is this the Disembodied Spirit of the Con, or a particular person?
[CORFLU] Seven servers and three ISPs later -- CORFLU is here.
[Marilee] Aha! They're here!
[Zorn] So tell us about Corflu, now you're here
[alunh] I've been on undernet, dalnet & ircnet!
[ken-j] Geez, the SF bay area is where they *invented* this network stuff, you'd think it would work right out there
[gfarber] Nah, let's just make up stuff about Corflu.
[CORFLU] Best Fan Artist: Ian Gunn; Best Fanwriter: Andy Hooper, Best fanzine: Apparatchik
[NigelKiwi] Alun: You've spent too much time on IRC. Or at least you've read the manual. GET A LIFE
[Zorn] But we've been doing that for the past half hour
[Pips] Corflu: c'mon you were blown up by squirrels weren't you
[CORFLU] FWA Past President 1996: William Rotsler
[Pips] always happening
[alunh] Nigel: fuck off! :)
[CORFLU] FWA Past President 1951 (by special acclamation) Lee Hoffman
[ken-j] the heck with that, who won the softball game?
[gfarber] I shouted out my window "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna IRC no more," but it didn't work either.
[NigelKiwi] Excellent choices!
[NigelKiwi] Isn't the softball game on simultaneously with this?
[CORFLU] PS -- I tried four undernet servers and couldn't get on, Nigel. Lucked out on EFnet, finally.
[alunh action] Hurrah!
[Zorn] The question is, will the UK Corflu have a cricket match?
[pnh] No, because Corflu only lasts three days.
[ken-j] or do we have to smuggle baseball bats through customs
[alunh] zorn: no uk corflu will play dominoes
[gfarber] You probably couldn't get on with Nigel because you're not his type.
[CORFLU] [Drl Gafia here] No, Corflu UK is planning a soccer riot.
[pnh] Besides, cricket is a boring...
[pnh] .
[gfarber] Um, this Corflu is on for four days: it started Thursday.
[Pips] Dunno - the Yorkshire cricket team wanna move out of Leeds, maybe they heard you might be coming
[alunh] Gary: say who your talking to
[NigelKiwi] Gary: That's right, Alun doesn't have a moustache.
[pnh] Gary is talking to God. Next question?
[NigelKiwi] Or broad shoulders, or waist length hair, or blue eyes, or a shiny unif...
[Pips] pnh : is God answering
[alunh] pnh: whats the old man got to say?
[pnh] God is a dilatory loccer.
[Zorn] Can God get a word in edgeways?
[pnh] Alun, I have news for you about Ms. God...
[Pips] Zorn: What's God wearing ?
[CORFLU] Gary, we offered people the chance to come here and talk to you or play in Andy's game; guess what?
NigelKiwi changed nick name to Ghod
[gfarber] Pips: Pnh usually answers me.
[alunh] pnh: man in the widest sense of course
[Zorn] pips: Don't ask me, it's Gary who's talking to him
[Ghod] Hello, hello, what's going on here then?
[Pips] Gfarber:Does he use that nifty echoey voice like he did to Moses ?
gfarber changed nick name to gary_farb
[Pips] I always reckoned the 2nd coming should be on the Internet
[pnh] How do you do that name-change thing?
[ken-j] patrick: /nick yournewname
[MikeRW] gfarber: god sees you, even when you change your name.
[Ghod] Now I'm the only person on UNDERNET. Sob, it's so lonely...
[alunh] pnh: /nick
[gary_farb] pnh: No, I hear a squeaky voice that says 'kill, kill, kill'
[pnh] (btw, Lenny, good on you for What You Said to TLO)
[CORFLU] Hi. Richard Brandt here. Just when you thought this was as close as you'd get to seeing me--I've bought my membership in next year's Corflu......
[gary_farb] Then It it mutters about Dave Romm.
[CORFLU] Join Corflu and see the God.
[Ghod] He's on his way over. (Dave Romm, that is)
Zorn changed nick name to Plokta
[Ghod] I thought it was see the twiltone?
[Ghod] Should I use my ghodly powers and start kicking unruly fen off? Oh drat, everyone here can do that!
Ghod changed nick name to NigelKiwi
[Plokta] Ghod: And aren't we all being restrained?
[pnh] I don't want to hear about your fetish garments.
[MikeRW] is this the bdsm room?
[NigelKiwi] Corflu: What was sold in the auction? Say, I typed suction, I think that's probably a better term. Hooper was determined that a softball game would take place, despite the fact that no field could be located.
gary_farb changed nick name to ghu
MikeRW changed nick name to shmoo
[CORFLU] It's pretty drizzly out here. Andy Hooper was determined that a softball game would take place, despite the fact that no field could be located (.. this is LennyB)
[NigelKiwi] Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and restraints excite me!
[CORFLU] At midnight last night Richard Brandt found a suitable location and Andy went out in the rain to confirm it....
[pips whispered] You can always fall back on paper aieroplane fights if the weather is bad
[Plokta] If you think California is drizzly, just wait for Leeds
[Marilee] Did he come back?
[ghu] Ah,
[NigelKiwi] Now that's dedication.
[CORFLU] "If you build it, they will come," I told Andy. T. Bruce Yerke, Sam Russell, and the others would all soon appear carrying mits and bats....
[NigelKiwi] So which bid won the CORFLU bidding war?
[Pips] plotka:Leeds has no water tho - we've had drought conditions for years despite being a very wet city
[ghu] What bidding war?
[NigelKiwi] AH vs. britfandom
[ghu] So, who backbit who at Corflu? Who's snubbing whom?
[Plokta] Nigel: That's AH vs IS, actually
[pnh] I gather the next Corflu will be in Leeds, Britain's answer to Akron, Ohio.
[alunh] zorn: I think some of britfandom is on my side.
[NigelKiwi] Plotka: IS?
[ghu] Hooper speaks loudly and carries a big bat, remember.
[Plokta] Nigel: Ian Sorensen
[alunh] gary: or is that a big rat?
[ken-j] cool, maybe Leslie & I will actually manage to get to Corflu next year
[CORFLU] yhos here: Andy's ru;;e for postponing a ball game is that if the drops bounce less than a foot hi, the game is ON!
[alunh] pnh: Akron is heaps nicer than Leeds :)
[Pips] Calcutta is heaps nicer than Leeds shmoo changed nick name to mw
[ghu] No, actually, at the DC Corflu, I said something I meant innocently, that angered Andy, and he happened to have the baseball bat in his hand, which, genuinely angered, he unconsciously raised without, I think, realizing how threatening he seemed, to little old me, at least.
[pnh] True. Akron probably has Starbucks and Barnes & Noble and so forth.
[ken-j] I wonder if Andy Hooper will be able to recruit two full teams?
[ghu] Andy can't manage *not* to Loom Over me, you realize.
[alunh] pnh: Leeds has a Pizza Hut now I believe.
[CORFLU] (Alan Bostick here) He raises the bat and says 'You! get on that team! We're gonna play no matter what!'
[alunh] gary: Andy is a Big Lad indeed.
[ghu] Actually, I suspect Leeds has a "Seattle Coffee" now, and probably a Starbucks, too.
[NigelKiwi] DRomm sends his regrets he's EFnet less.
[pnh] I've eaten at British Pizza Huts, and they're as bad as you think.
[alunh] ghu: no way! Coffee is banned in Leeds, tea & yorkshire pudding only
[Plokta] pnh: Have you tried Pizza Express? (Of course, I don't think there's one in Leeds)
[ghu] I was only in and out of Leeds for a day, but everywhere else, people kept dragging me to "Seattle" Coffee or Starbucks. For this, I had to go to Croyden? ;-)
[NigelKiwi] But it's a Corflu tradition to have the hotel serve pizza hut pizza.
[CORFLU] LennyB: We decided at this convention that Frank Lunney and Ian Sorensen are actually the same person. One goes into the bathroom to do a quick t-shirt change, and the other materializes.
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) I've seen them standing in the same room. They are husband and wife.
[alunh] gary: or even Croydon?
[ghu] Hey, Ian Sorensen actually speaks to me.
[pnh] Except that Ian Sorensen is the Frank Lunney who published BEABOHEMA, not the later, more mellow editor of relaxed fannish fanzines.
[alunh] corflu: Frank smokes more!
[mw] corflu: is ulrika o'brien still up there?
[ghu] Frank Lunney pretty much hasn't figured out who anyone who came into fandom post 1970 is, last I looked. ;-)
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) (to pnh) It may be as bad as we think, but is a Leeds Pizza Hut as bad as a US one?
[pnh] Much worse. Be afraid.
[pnh] Basically: don't eat pizza in Britain. I'm serious.
[NigelKiwi] So who is at the CORFLU end? (and what are they wearing - for Gary's benefit)
[Pips] pnh:you can buy faggots in Leeds market tho
[CORFLU] \Ulrika: I haven't even been lynched yet. Fanzine fans must be mellowing...
[ken-j] Mmm, we had an allright pizza in London somewhere near Picadilly Circus
[alunh] Pnh: aw cum on, I've had pizza in uk & us & there the same
[pnh] alaunh, what do you know, you're a yorkshireman
[CORFLU] Actually, I think it was the camoflage make-up I applied before arriving -- three tones of mimeo ink smeared on the face and under the nails. Nobody recognized me..
[mw] is that *you*?
[ken-j] here in Ann Arbor, we are deleriously happy with the arrival of the NYPD, the New York Pizza Depot; owned by real New
York expats
[alunh] pnh: no way. Cymraeg me.
[ghu] Ah, but, Ulrika, you probably haven't tested the smoke detector in the Katz room, I suspect.
[CORFLU] No, it is U.
[NigelKiwi] Yes it is 'us'
[mw] gladdameetya.
[pnh] oops, of course, you're right, alun, I apologiz. What was I thinking?
[CORFLU] I haven't tested any smoke detectors -- I've been straight, smoking all weekend.
[alunh action] thinks what is patrick smoking?
[CORFLU] Or whom.
[NigelKiwi] I could always bring over some Chicago deep dish pizza.
[pnh] It's this flakey IRC protcol, Alun.
[CORFLU] The sidebar boys are gathered in the Katz room, even as we type. (The smoke detector failed over
[NigelKiwi] A 'real' fan never blames his equipment
[pips action] thinks inhale deeply, make Ulrika regret not testing smoke detectors
[CORFLU] ... in room 666 (guess whose?) ---- lennyb
[pnh] Though come to think of it, I could have said "What the &%$# do you know from pizza, you're Welsh."
[ghu] Ken: does the Pizza claim to be "original Ray's" or "Ray's original"? It's the law in NY, you kow.
[alunh] pnh: ever tried lavabread pizza?
[pnh] "I see it now. The News In Welsh. For life."
[NigelKiwi] That's the room this connection should be coming from
[ken-j] gary: no, that bit of mythology hasn't spread out here
[Pips] alunh: yuk, lavabread, now that's sick
[ken-j] The Ann Arbor NYPD people don't make the world's best, but it is a good rendition of NY pizza
[pnh] nigel: real fans blame their equipment at every opportuity. haven't you ever read a "why this ish is late" editoriual?
[ghu] Y'know, I've never found that being sercon with smoke detectors goes well with operating computers, software, or English.
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) Q. What did the Norwegian say when he saw the pizza?
[ghu] Though you may think it does at the time.
[ghu] Wow, Alan Bennett is at Corflu!
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) A. 'Hey! Who threw up on the lefsa??!!'
[NigelKiwi] That is true. I guess I was just being nostalgic about my old gestetner. I longed for that to break down, so I
could happily disassemble it.
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) That's BOSTICK, you silly nit.
[pnh] You know, as in the staplers.
ghu changed nick name to RNewsome
[NigelKiwi] Now, now, language.
[mw] RNewsome: how's the diet?
[NigelKiwi] Gary, you get around a bit too much...
[CORFLU] (Alan B.) *plonk!* (to RNewsome)
[RNewsome] I only knew a few tricks, so I beat them to death; you'll have noticed.
RNewsome changed nick name to MFeder
[CORFLU] Alan B.) We noticed that a while ago, Gary. ;-)
[ken-j action] offers MFeder some of his Diet Rite cola
[pnh] Amazing how many locals are over at Gary's place, considering thait's roughly the size of a pup tent.
[mw] They're telnetting in from the hallway.
[MFeder] You know, Alan, Moshe is still sulking over you comparing him to Pat Buchanan last year.
[pnh] He was hoping for Steve Forbes.
[MFeder] Personally, I think you were both Silly. Wot else is new?
[NigelKiwi] "Gary's Place" sounds like some kind of sleazy hangout.
[CORFLU] LennyB: The Chairman wishes to announce to
Richard/Ghu/Gary Farber that this is the largest CORFLU in history with 125 attending members...
[MFeder] Nigel: got it in one.
[pnh] I find nothing enlivens irc more than a little naugy- naughty finger-wagging. Yes, let's all trot out our year-old displeasures with ancient Usenet posts!
[MFeder] Tell the Chair it's all due to my agitating for people to join; see what she says. ;-)
[MFeder] Patrick: what are you wearing?
[NigelKiwi] I can see it now "Gary's Place" writ large in neon, and big bouncers at the door, barring access to anyone not wearing a beanie or carrying a rolled up zine under their arm.
[CORFLU] LennyB: We compiled a late-night list of FWA past-presidents and discovered that no one remembers who was elected at Minneapolis. Anyone here remember? Jeanne Gomoll? TNH?
MFeder changed nick name to PBuchanan
[pnh] No, TNH was Falls Church, 1986.
[alunh action] slaps PBuchanan around a bit with a large trout
[PBuchanan] I have Security, but it's *secret* security, to keep the psheep under control.
[ken-j] chuch, maybe? Just guessing
PBuchanan changed nick name to Roland_Ca
Roland_Ca changed nick name to RCastle
[NigelKiwi] Don't mention sheep. I'm still pissed at this cloning thing.
[ken-j] why pissed?
[pnh] Oops -- "past presidents." TNH was GoH in 1986. Neither of us has been a Past President.
[NigelKiwi] Roland you're a dickhead. i just wanted to say that to your face.
[RCastle] Don't worry, Nigel: you can still have sex with a natural sheep.
RCastle changed nick name to Cyohtee
[alunh] nigel: can't see it worrying a NZealander.
[Pips] Can I vote for the sheep as a past president ?
[NigelKiwi] Pissed, because someone beat me to the punch. All those years of experimentation wasted...
[Cyohtee] Try a koala, Nigel. I hear they're great.
[CORFLU whispered to ken-j] Was TNH past-president at Falls
Church or GOH?
[Cyohtee] Getting pissed first probably helps, though.
[NigelKiwi] Yeah, but those claws are very sharp.
[CORFLU] Was TNH past president at Falls Church or GOH?
[ken-j] GOH: the pie incident
[Pips] Cyothee:dya have to get the Koala pissed first ?
[Cyohtee] Okay, how does one do the emote/act function on IRC?
[CORFLU] LennyB: I'm having trouble with the whisper function on this client sticking like chewing gum.
[Cyohtee] Pips: yeah, just give them some eucaplyptus, and they're real easy.
[pips action] thinks Alunh told me, ask him
[alunh] gary: /action whatever
[NigelKiwi] Wasn't Chuch elected past president at Minneapolis?
[Pips] Cyhothee: ah Eucalytus, so that's where I've been going wring - I use sledgehammer
[Cyohtee] Alun: that doesn't seem to work; I get "*** Unknown command:"
[ken-j] gary: probably /me what you wanted to do then
[Marilee] Rats, now that the gossip is getting good, I have to go. Have fun, y'all!
[pnh] Um, to answer the question anobe, TNH was GoH at false crutch.
[CORFLU] Allyn: Len Bailes has dragged me in here -- hi to everyone, wish you all were here.
[pnh] "anobe" = "above"
[Pips] Cyohtee: do any of the other forward slash command work such as /msg or /nick ?
[Cyohtee] Salutations, Founder Allyn!
DRomm joined.(total 11)
[dromm] At last, there you are!
[alunh] gary: your s/w is shite
[NigelKiwi] Hey Dave it worked!
[Marilee] Dave! Hi and Bye!
[Marilee] ::waving:::
Cyohtee changed nick name to AHarries
Marilee left(total 10)
[AHarries] Pips: what do you think?
[dromm] Hello and goodbye, as necessary.
[DRomm action] hugs ˙2AHarries˙, ˙3alunh˙, ˙4CORFLU˙, ˙5ken-j˙, ˙6mw˙, ˙7NigelKiwi˙, ˙8pips˙, ˙9Plokta˙ and ˙:pnh!
[CORFLU] LennyB: Lucy's here, too, and may be back soon.
Nigel -- I guessed Chuch at Minneapolis, too, but Gerry doesn't think so. We're tentatively thinking it was Jeanne.
[alunh] Gary: I'll kick you if you're not careful!
[AHarries] Alan: my "software" is Unix.
[NigelKiwi] */rsn (or something)
[Pips] AHarries:you doubled up ...
[AHarries] Bwahahaha.
[alunh] always did love myself
[alunh] I'm crap
[AHarries] I love me, too.
[AHarries] You're crap.
rwl joined.(total 11)
[NigelKiwi] Didn't Jeanne give the toastmaster speech, where she actually talked about making toast?
[ken-j action] is gonna drop out for a bit. Most likely will be back in a while
[dromm] Thx
[ken-j action] waves
[pnh] Nigel, that sounds familiar.
ken-j left(total 10)
[AHarries] Well, Chuch Harris's trip report wrote about adoring Jeanne's speech. Diddn't soeone reprint it in some zine?
[NigelKiwi] Now Gary this could get really confusing...
[rwl] i thought avedon reprinted that speech
alunh changed nick name to GFarber
[dromm] Well, I'm confused.
[NigelKiwi] Drat, all my Pulp's are in the UK. i think that's where it was as well.
[GFarber action] thinks 'conused you will be'.
[dromm] I don't know who that is, but they deserve ops.
[NigelKiwi] I think successive Corflu's should have a table of past stats, including FWA, similar to Worldcon.
[dromm] But then again, maybe not.
[CORFLU] This is Cindy Lee: Hello from beautiful downtown Walnut Creek. Thought we might see you here but I knew there was a chance you guys wouldnt make it. Hey how's my web page goin' Im gonna send you a few updates when I get home.
AHarries changed nick name to RHansen
[rwl] put it on a web page first
[NigelKiwi] Hey Cindy Lee. How are you?
[dromm] Hello Cindy
GFarber changed nick name to ChickenBr
[NigelKiwi] Cindy Lee: I sent you e-mail yesterday querying a few show dates.
[CORFLU] Cindy L; Hello all Im aslow typist.
[RHansen] But a *smooth* typist.
[dromm] Aslow Typist. I may use that as a name on Shockwave...
[rwl] who else is at the CORFLU keyboard?
[NigelKiwi] Conveniently enough CLB is playing in the background.
[RHansen] By the way, when I look at the list of irc Commands, via help, there is no "action" listed.
[pnh] At the Corflu keyboard, looking _very_ relaxed, it's Adolf Hitler on vibes
[CORFLU] LennyB: I've been trying to get people to identify themselves. This is the Eve Lancaster segment of the persona....
[RHansen] I suspect this is why it's an "unknown command." Funny, that.
[dromm] Rob: Action is /me
[RHansen] "/whois" works just fine, though, Len.
[DRomm action] demonstrates the 'action' command
RHansen changed nick name to BonzoDBan
[NigelKiwi] Cindy: Say hi to Paul.
[CORFLU] LennyB: Re Minneapolis Past President: We remembered that Jeanne was Toastmaster. Andy accused me of having too much bogus false recall when I suggested Chuch got the Past Presidency.
cnr joined.(total 11)
[ChickenBr] Gary: ok so /action only works on my s/w. /me oughta tho'
[cnr] hello
[pnh action] creates the Universe, this time without that little "original sin" bug
[BonzoDBan action] thinks.
[BonzoDBan action] ahas!
[dromm] Minneapolis Past President?
[rwl] hi cnr, who are you?
[BonzoDBan action] AHA! and, like, Eureka!
[CORFLU] People _here_ to identify themselves when they speak with the CORFLU login...
BonzoDBan changed nick name to Here
[ChickenBr] cnr: i'll give you ops if you say who you are
[CORFLU] LennyB: Lucy is going shopping with Cindy, but says to tell everyone hi.
[Here] Well, it's probably not Dave Bridges, though I just got e-mail from Linda Blanchard yesterday.
[ChickenBr action] destroys universe
[dromm] Buy something fannish!
[rwl] i've got about 5 minutes before i have to leave again
[cnr] wanna chat? I'm new.
[NigelKiwi] Whoever cnr is they're calling from
[pips action] destroys Tokyo
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Lucy also says we should quit wasting time on IRC and log in to ElderMOO. telnet://\
[Here] Okay, so who is "Towner" on ElderMoo?
[rwl action] wonders if cnr knows what a fanzine is
[Pips] Corflu: tell Lucy I bin there and hardly anyone else ever goes
[ChickenBr] cnr: this is fairly private conversation amongst people whp know each other try #mirchelp
[NigelKiwi] rwl: How did the pizza turn out?
[dromm] Oy, MOOs. More anti-productivity tools.
[Here] Tell pips that we've barely just started to encourage faans to hang out there, and that it will take A While for people to develop a Habit.
[rwl] crust being made now, nigel... i've got to pre-cook the veggies in a few min
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Towner is me.
[cnr] rwl, I'm female. DCC me
[cnr] What's ops?
[ChickenBr] cnr: actually it's #irchelp
[NigelKiwi] cnr: Hah!
[pnh] MOOs are intriguing, but it always feels like Diplomacy -- tons of work for a retively small yield.
[Here] Alan:I thought so, but Spindizzy/Petra referred to you as "her." I suppose she was being careful, or just careless.
[Pips] Corflu: I've created a toilet in there, how about telling me where to stick it
[pnh] "retively" = "relatively". I'm getting character dropout.
[CORFLU] Alan B: Towner is female. I'm male. What's the problem?
[cnr] where are you going rwl?
[Here] pnh: Ah, but you can leave all the work to others if you want, though creating environment is the creative part beyond chatting.
[NigelKiwi] chr: we're all naked how about you? This is a nudist support group. Just so you know. And if you're comfortable with that feel free to ask us questions.
[ChickenBr] cnr: I'll kcik you off this channel if you try any odd stuff!
[dromm] For a while, I created #degler when I logged onto irc. Every now and then, I'd get a mundane. One claimed to be named Degler.
[pnh] cnr: we drink the blood oif unconsecrated infants. AND WE VOTE.
[rwl action] going to dinner shortly
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Did Degler claim to know about the Cosmic Circle?
[Here] Not that I've done anything yet; I'm just intrigued by possibilities.
[rwl] actually, downstairs to dinner
[ChickenBr] pnh: in fact we voted for drink infants' blood
[Here] Enjoy your blood, Richard.
[dromm] Nigel: Um, did the 'naked' requirement include antlers?
[NigelKiwi] Well it did when I signed up.
[ChickenBr] We rule Severagram
[dromm] Alas, no Cosmic Circle from that Degler (I asked).
[rwl action] wonders if its too late to become anonymous here
[dromm] Nigel: Well, then what will I do with this marvelous 12 pointer? I can't set it down, it'll block the monitor?
[Here] What does the link between Mad Moose Gazette and Moose in Walthomstow say about a connection between WWalthomstow and Madison fandom, anyway?
[rwl] cnr: visit my web site:
[rwl] *then* we'll talk
[NigelKiwi] So who else is getting tired of being slapped in the face when they run fast?
[Here] CNR is Roc Smit-Graham?
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Nigel, I *hate* it when that happens.
[pnh] Nigel, in the small village from which I come, it forms the sole topic of conversation.
[rwl] no evidence of that, here
[NigelKiwi] What, the fact that I'm always getting slapped in the face?
[dromm] Corflu: I think you're mixing up attributions. I'm not Alan B. I've DavE.
[dromm] er, I'm DavE
[Here] And Ted White thinks online conversation can't be scintillating! Hah! (Americans can't use Ironics.)
[cnr] I'm not trying to be odd. Just making friends. I'm new. Sorry. :-(
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Always? *Always*? Why, Nigel, I can personally assure you that I have never slapped you in the face.
[NigelKiwi] I think it's sad that all IRC chat winds up being about sex. It's enough to make me want to put on some trousers and leave.
[pnh] LOL
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Be sure to clean up the wet spots before you go.
[rwl] it's ok, cnr, but this channel is occupied by fanzine fans right now
Here changed nick name to d_romm
[dromm] Oy
[ChickenBr] cnr: all the best, but this is not the place to learn. try another channel
[NigelKiwi] Alan B: Wait and see me play baseball, then you'll see some slapping going on.
[rwl] hey, Ted White gonna keep his perfect Corflu attendance record intact next year?
[CORFLU] Alan B.: Someone tell the Op to tell Gary to stop spoofing. ;-)
[pnh] I see...wait for it...I see the beginnings of the first Online Exclusion Feud
[pnh] .
[cnr] Cute DRomm! I liked that.
[CORFLU] LennyB: From here it looks like Gary _is_ the op.
[ChickenBr] cnr: Try #help4irc
[NigelKiwi] Which Op?
[dromm] Alan B (If I've got this right): I hate to point this out, but YOU'RE an ops.
[d_romm] Hey! How come Ted White gets to attend perfect Corflus, and *we* don't?!?
[NigelKiwi] or I should say, which Gary?
[Plokta] Lenny: Gary's the only one (besides cnr) who *isn't* an op.
[CORFLU] LennyB: Rich Coad floated by with a copy of Space Junk in his hand, but we couldn't lure him into staying.
[Plokta] And serves him right, too.
[cnr] Are you asking if I'm Roc Smit-Graham?
NigelKiwi changed nick name to GaryF
[d_romm] CNR: not any more.
[CORFLU] LennyB: Oh, I've got the red and blue reversed.
[rwl] cnr: do you write?
[pnh] There's a new Space Junk?
[dromm] Opsidaisium
ChickenBr left(total 10)
[GaryF] And what a 'smooth' operator he is
ChickenBr joined.(total 11)
[d_romm] Well, Rich Coad did travel all the way to London just to have dim sum with me, Alan, Pam, Ian and Janice Maule, Bridget Hardcastle, Jim Young, Fiona Anderson, and, who am I forgetting?
[rwl] ok, gotta leave... see you all again some time...
rwl left(total 10)
[dromm] Bye rwl
[ChickenBr] Gary: the Harveys, me, et al
[CORFLU] LennyB: It was an old issue
[d_romm] I mistyped "Alun," but right, the Harveys, thanks.
[d_romm] Good food it was, too.
[cnr] ok. TTFN
cnr left(total 9)
[d_romm] Then we found the "TAFFGOOD" Deli, though it was closed.
[CORFLU] VanessaS: Hi, this is Vanessa typing on this part of the stencil. Just wanted to be part of electronic history.
[ChickenBr] bye cnr, phew. Some people don't know when they're not wanted ....
[dromm] Hello Vanessa.
GaryF changed nick name to NigelKiwi
[d_romm] I forget how to spell the last name, I fear, but Shatmeier, oh, heck, that's not it. . ..
[CORFLU] to d_romm...this is the best of all possible Corflus
[CORFLU] close, d_romm, close! It's Schnatmeier.
pnh left(total 8)
[dromm] d_romm, er, Gary: You mean you didn't keep a record?
d_romm changed nick name to gfarber
[ChickenBr] op me!
[gfarber] Yes, Dave, I did, but I don't have it scrolling in front of me.
[Plokta] Goodnight all.
[gfarber] I even have Pictures.
Plokta left(total 7)
[ChickenBr] bye Mike
[NigelKiwi] We're very restrained we could have just kicked him/her off.
[CORFLU] Jerry Kaufman and Alan Winston say hello.
[ChickenBr] Nigel: _that_ would have been a bit rude.
[dromm] Gary (at last): You should make your life *entirely* electronic. Then you wouldn't have this problem.
[dromm] Hello Jerry and Alan W
[NigelKiwi] er, bye Patrick.
[gfarber] I try to merely be electric where I can.
[dromm] Okay, let me try this again...
[CORFLU] Alan: Hi, DRomm ~~~
[NigelKiwi] +o ChickenBr
[ChickenBr] Ta
[NigelKiwi] whoops that didn't work...
[dromm] I suppose you covered this already but... how's Corflu?
[gfarber] Okay, for Ken Josenhans, I'm now playing Richard and Linda Thompson's I WANT TO SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT.
[CORFLU] Alan: IRCing the body electric.
[dromm] *hee hee* Alan
[dromm] GaryL That won't do Ken a lot of good.
[gfarber action] shrugs.
[gfarber] It's the thought that counts. That, and money.
[gfarber] Now, which command lists everyone here?
[DRomm action] has beel listening to Beat The Retreat, other people doing Richard Thompson songs. Some of them are great.
[gfarber] How was the banquet?
[dromm] Gary: /who #degler
[ChickenBr] gary: /whois *, I think
[gfarber] Dave was right, you're wrong, Alun, but we knew that. ;-)
[CORFLU whispered to pips] It's /who #degler, Gary
mw left(total 6)
[gfarber] So I've decided to auction Chuch's zines in roubles. Any objection?
[dromm] I know too much about irc. I need to go and learn JavaScript by tomorrow...
[ChickenBr] Gary: I can't know everything!
[NigelKiwi] It's interesting the odd people who are passing by on
UNDERNET #Degler. I mean who has the time to randomly seek out IRC channels?
[dromm] roubles?
[ChickenBr action] thinks tomorrow is another day
[gfarber] That's all right, Alun: just keep buying me romantic French dinners.
[dromm] Nigel: Some people have no lives. It's amazing.
[CORFLU whispered to pips] LennyB: I couldn't get on to Undernet -- is there anybody we know there?
[dromm] And they're the people who vote...
[gfarber] Yeah, not our lives!
[ChickenBr] Gary: was pleasant evening ne c'est pas?
[CORFLU] Sorry about whispering -- I couldn't get on to Undernet -- is there anybody there we know?
[NigelKiwi] DRomm: Javascript is reasonably straightforward, just remember that Microsoft Browser SW only interprets some Javascript commands.
[gfarber] Alun: I've never seen a restaurant with a grotto bathroom before.
[CORFLU] LennyB: This is LennyB again.
[ChickenBr] Gary: better than grotty toilet
[dromm] Nigel: I'me teaching JavaScript tomorrow, in a Mac class.
[dromm] Hello Lenny again.
[NigelKiwi] DRomm: Of course i wasn't referring to you, I mean the few souls who have wandered by since you switched over.
[gfarber] And the waitress who had to be introduced to concepts like "cutlery" and "vegtables" was also interesting, but yes, it was most pleasant.
[CORFLU] Did someone mention that it was Victor Gonzales whose name came out of the hat this year?
[dromm] Nigel: I figured that. Thanks for the confirmation, anyway. And thanks for your help getting me here.
[NigelKiwi] Corflu: Not at present.
[gfarber] "Gonzalez" but, yes: how was his speech?
[ChickenBr] Gary: & only 10ukp/head. I've still got receipt I think.
[NigelKiwi] Lenny: how come the Corflu fotos on the web page are so fuzzy?
[CORFLU] LennyB: Victor was pretty funny. The tradition of CORFLU GOH rising to the occasion with an entertaining piece has been maintained.
[dromm] Lenny: How come the people at Corflu are so fuzzy?
[NigelKiwi] Darn, it means the stakes of being Corflu GOH are still high.
[gfarber] Because they're also wuzzy?
[gfarber] Nigel: much about some Corflu participants is high.
[CORFLU] LennyB: Re the pictures -- you'll have to take that up with Karen Schaeffer/Bill Humphries. I just transferred the output from her digital camera to disk. I scanned the two Rotsler illos.
[NigelKiwi] It's because they're so far away...
[dromm] Corflu GoH's get steak?
[gfarber] Dave: right through the heart. After they're pied.
[NigelKiwi] Sure do, and then they are tied to it.
[CORFLU] LennyB: BTW, can anyone cite the CORFLU web address? I think we're about to log off, and I was going to say that
anyone who hasn't seen it should check out the pages that have been posted during the convention.
[gfarber] Nigel: you still coming to NYC?
[dromm] I need to bone up on GoH's...
[NigelKiwi] Any other Corflu gossip to pass along? Who's been sleeping with whom?
[gfarber] I've seen the Corflu page: it has about 40 words of text, and pictures no one has even bothered to make instantly downloadable as a link.
[NigelKiwi] Gary: I can send the pictures to you now if you want.
[dromm] Gary: Does your browser do frames or image maps?
[gfarber] Two pictures was it? Didn't seem worth bothering downloading.
[NigelKiwi] No there was about 12.
[CORFLU] LennyB: Thanks Nigel. Gary - the CORFLU page has a partial transcript of my Strange Faniverse occult panel and a Stu Shiffman cartoon.
[gfarber] Nigel: no thanks, I know how how to copy the proper HTML to grab it; it just didn't seem worth doing via a shell account, running Graphic Converter, etc., to see on a tiny black and white SE screen.
[gfarber action] shrugs.
[NigelKiwi] Whoops, that's right. thx.
[gfarber] Okay, Len: I'll check again.
[dromm] Gary is Atlas.
[gfarber] Dave, my browser is Lynx: I have a shell account, only.
[gfarber] Lynx 2.7 now, to be precise.
[CORFLU] Gary, if you can get DCC from your server, I could send you that page right now, or e-mail it to you with the graphics.
[NigelKiwi] I like the idea of a digital camera capturing the moment of IRC sessions like this. I thort the Attitude foto was perfect. Except they all looked a bit too serious and constructive like.
[gfarber] I can visit the page fine, thanks, Len; what's DCC, though?
[dromm] GaryL Gotcha. You're sort of my control: I'm going to update my page very soon, with frames and such, but want to be able to have shell accounts at least read the text.
[NigelKiwi] DCC is used to send photos and other files to someone on IRC. remember this is what we did at Boskone.
[CORFLU] DCC is the IRC shortwave file transmittal application. It allows you to send files directly to someone who is logged onto a channel.
[gfarber] Anyway, exporting from pine, and downloading with "sz"
(zterm) is more of a pain than via Lynx, which is fairly simple, really, just rarely worth bothering with.
[dromm] DCC only works intermittantly between computers of a different type.
[NigelKiwi] DCC stands for Direct Client to Client.
[CORFLU] Gary -- do you have Netscape? I can send you the HTML page and graphics by e-mail attachment.
[CORFLU] Oops -- cross-posted.
[NigelKiwi] Gary: Now you have a MAC, why don't you install Netscape or somesuch?
[NigelKiwi] Or have you answered this already?
[gfarber] So, any idea how DCC works via a shell account? *Don't* try it! I don't want to find huge amounts of text flowing into my irc. . . .
[dromm] Well, it's been grand and glorious, and about an hour. Time to duck off. Bye all.
[NigelKiwi] here goes a copy of the Chicago phone directory in ASCII...
[Pips] Bye Dave
[CORFLU] LennyB: I'm about to call it quits, too. Anyone else save the entire transcript of this? (I started logging several minutes in.)
[gfarber] Nigel: YM "SE 30". Well, if someone would like to pay Paix the $70-odd dollars I already owe them *and* pay to upgrade my account to PPP/SLIP from shell, per month, cool!
[Pips] BTW anyone wondering where Plotka has gone I found her lurking on the fannish MOO
[gfarber] However, paying my still unpaid February and March rent first are higher priorities for me, I fear.
[ChickenBr action] goes off & looks @ what's happening on r.a.s.f.
[gfarber] Len: how did the discussion about British Corflu go?
[CORFLU] LennyB: I attended some of it. There was some sentiment that the con should stay in the U.S. in the future, but general benign acceptance or enthusiasm for the current British bid.
[gfarber] Gee, these pictures on the teevee news from Albania are exciting. Say, there's a fellow paddling out into the Adriatic on an inner tube, heading for Italy, apparently. good luck!
[gfarber] So what happened with Lilian and Alison Freebairn being no-shows?
[ChickenBr] Gary: you realise it's all Bridget Wilkinson's fault.
[Pips] Corflu: Did *anyone* show up to do the Leeds bid ?
[gfarber] Alun: I thought that was Fiona Anderson's line?
[ChickenBr] Pips: IS
[CORFLU] LennyB: Later, Gary -- This is the United Fannish Network, CORFLU node signing off. Clear skies and may you walk with Roscoe.
[gfarber] Jim: Ian is there.
DRomm left(total 5)
NigelKiwi left(total 4)
[gfarber] No, Len, you *must* stay on line!


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